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Seo Panel Reviews

Good Useful for SEO's people. easy to understand the concept.

Found this script via softalicous and seems just amazing. Very thankful to for powering my website and taking seo a to a new level

Thanks for this, a great SEO tool!

Joyce Brit,
SEO panel has done a great job, and it has helped our digital marketing company in Sri Lanka. Thank you.

Philipp Mueller,
Great tool for SEO very useful

Thank you. it is very good

What a great tool for SEO.

Great tool for SEO monitor.

Steven Lee,
The best website for seo related works

Great tools! Seo panel easy to use will help me a lot for update in seo Thanks a lot .

Manish Seo,
I found this is a best panel on SEO.

Ashu Pandey,
excellent jobs keep it up

very useful tool for ranking up DA and PA of website.

Artoon Solutions,
Cool SEO tool

Cambodia Creative Website Design,
SEO Panel is one of the best SEO tools, I have used it like other tools, but SEO panel is very complete and helps me find those errors that we need to solve in the face of Google ranking.

The SEO team is one of the best SEO tools, and the website is very useful for SEO workers and everyone involved in the digital marketing industry. Website helps me to increase my website ranking. Thanks for the excellent website.

I know about the project since 2014, I appreciate your development efforts. Although some features are limited, this tool also helps us give us a lot of work, it is a good tool to start.

Tú Cao,
This is best tool In have search lot of tools for seo and compared many but seopanel on the top.for open source seo

The Wordpress,
These tools help the users to work with more comfortable in websites. And also time consumption is less to complete the tasks.

This is a great tool, btw and I'm really enjoying using it. As I hope to replace my other SEO tools with it, I need to make sure everything is working perfectly! Many thanks for all your help and hard work.

Christian Mayne,
The project is very interesting, I thank seo panel team for the initial support. Definitely to deepen and test, but a useful tool for those involved in SEO

SEO Panel has provided us with a great alternative compared to the other wildly expensive solutions offered out there. Seo panel support team has been really helpful with any problems that we've encountered, definitely recommend using the plugins pack

Miguel C.,
Seo panel team are exceptional developers. I am amazed the effort they put into building SEO Panel software and the kind of support he provides to the users. Thank you team and keep up your good work.

Koushik Shee,
Fantastic free tool with some great plugins and the support is the best around!

great working plug in , Seo panel is providing beneficial tools.

arijit goswami,
Es una aplicación realmente fácil de utilizar. Me ha indicado con facilidad cuales eran los puntos menos eficientes de mi sitio. Muchas gracias a los desarrolladores

I am a huge fan of your tool and I am getting used to use it everyday. My last purchase was the link diagnosis and I love it! Thank you for such a great tool.

Alex López,
Excellent plug in! - keep up the great work.

Scott Spencer-White,
This is a very nice and useful Tool. really like it and i recommended to all my colleagues.

Crest Design,
SEO Panel is one of the best SEO tools, I have used it like other tools, but SEO panel is very complete and helps me find those errors that we need to solve in the face of Google ranking.

Wilfredo Rojas,
it is a one of the best seo tool.

wonderful result by seo panel tqs for the team ....

What a great web design and SEO tool. I had no idea this was even available. I 'm working my way through the different web functionalities. Good work

WANAus Web Design,
i never seen this kind of tool for seo its very helpful..

The website is very useful for the SEO workers and who all are involved in digital marketing field. In my personal view, it is very helpful for me. I really enjoyed the various services of SEO. The website help me to increase my website ranking. Thanks for the great website.

vibin varghese,
This is a very nice and useful Tool. I really like it and i recommended to all my friends.

A.Aleem Baig,
this is the best tool ever. to be complete you must aquire some additional plugins and you will be omn top of webmastering in 2016.

SEOPanel is the most efficient and easy open source SEO application and above all it is useful even if you are a web hosting provider.

Really nice evolutive SEO Tools ! We use iit to track our positions and backlinks. The benefits are the efficiency and the privacy of the data. Plus it's OPEN SOURCE :)

Very imported tools for SEO Admin, I'm using this SEO Panel for monitoring performance of my campus domain, and also I'm buy All Seo Panel Plugin Tool Kit for just $100, it's very use-full

Hilfan Soeltansyah,
Very Impressive. Once set up is very easy to use and very helpful. I have All Plugin Tool installed on my Seo Panel and works fantastic. Everyone who's interested to improve his web site should have it. Incredible. Thank you Seo Panel, Alan. May 28, 2015 Los Angeles, CA

Alan Douglas,
Best Seo panel In the world, Every Webmaster and seo guy must and should use this tool:) Thanks Seo Panel.

SEO panel is simple and useful for us. Help us build our websites.

Good and helpful script to check position, back links, Google page rank and the Alexa rank

Steve Nashalji,
The best system set up for SEO. Now all my clients can expect a higher quality to results. Congratulations!

Marcelo Roberto,
These tools help the users to work with more comfortable in websites. And also time consumption is less to complete the tasks.

Keerthi vasanth,
Good and helpful scripte for my landing pages also it,s easy and have many tools and with extra plugins it will be powerful

Tasweek safahat,
Hola: Gracias por desarrollar una aplicación para gestionar el posicionamiento web seo, es un software de gran utilidad. Saludos de Paginas Valencia

Posicionamiento web Valencia,
Dear Sir, I have installed your software 2 days ago. Your Script (SEO PANEL) is simply one of the Best Open Source Script in The World.

Chamak Rohid,
SEO Panel is a great resource for any online business or even a casual webmaster as all the tools you could be paying for easy on a monthly and a quality job by all involved as it gets better every time I look at it and think the whole system will help many people.

Albert F A Matthews,
"Great tools!" I have been searching for a seo script that deliver an automatic report by email periodically. SeoPanel save me a lot of time. Thank you guys. All the best.

Tophyips Info,
Hi Guys, many thanks for your time in creating a great product. I have a number of clients using the platform. Another reason why I promote Open source Software

Alan Whiteside,
We are a small digital agency in Sweden working with content marketing and seo. The tool is very useful for keeping tracks on links. It is scalable and we use several plugins. Furthermore excellent support.

Thank you for your ongoing work to create SEO Panel. It is unique among free/open source projects. Your efforts are a great contribution :-)

Brylie Christopher Oxley,
D?ugo szuka?em dobrego programu seo i w?asnie trafi?em na taki. Wszystko w jednym, wiele obcji i mo?liwo?ci. Warto wspierac dobre pomys?y i projekty.

Great tools! Works like a charm. Each hoster should offer this option for clients. I know it will bring in new clients and also clients will buy the SEO Panel. First you give and then collect. With good stuff it works like that. SEO Panel: go on with the good work. GOD bless you all.

It's a wonderful software! Keep up the good work.

A great tool for optimizing web sites and highlighting of keywords to search engines. This great tool is very helped me so I pointed my site and enhance its visibility on the search engines, my recommendations. Thank you and much success in your work. Milorad

I used SEO Panel software for and it helped my website and improved it too.moreover the tools available are very useful.

Axeloud -Go Loud or Go Home,
We have been very impressed and use SEOPanel in our Arsenal of tools to help our pages rank higher. Can't say enough about the product highly recommend, Be sure to contact us if you need help with hosting, or hosting SEOPanel for you at our other locations

Seo Panel is a fantastic open source project that help us to improve our website's ranking with excellent techniques.

adaptateur pc portable,
my website got a ranking by using seopanel. lot of thanks to seo panel.

arpan Soni,
Hello Everyone, I've just used this PANEL for my website:- and I must say, it really helps in ranking.,
I've used the panel for many years to double check other ranking system and its always spot on! Thank you for such a great, open source platform!

Flavio Longato,
excellent support and very quick response on email thank you so much!

SEO planel is so easy and must have tool if you are managing multiple website, it saves me a lot of time. Thanks again for your effort and keeping it free of charge.

hcg drops explained,
I am very enthusiastic about working with the SEO Panel. A big gift for a small webmaster on a budget. Thanks to SEO Panel team.

Peter Ritter,
Absolutely the best web based software for managing a large number of websites. I'm in LOVE!

Theodis Butler,
It's good and fantastic software ;)

Hi, I started using SEOpanel for my SEO work as a supplement to my existing PC based SEO software. Running reports on your PC takes a lot of time and bandwidth. I like SEOPanel because I can load it up to a server (particularly on free hosting sites) and have my software running around the clock. If you plan to copy, don't overdo your cron jobs and take too much CPU cycle time or you will be booted off your hosting provider. LOL.

Portia Dane,
I give a 2 thumbs WAY up for this wonderful SEO Panel. I have tried other systems, plugins for Wordpress and others, but all seem to fail after awhile. As a web designer I need to supply reports to my clients and make it simple. Thanks Geo for this awesome system. I look forward to all the updates I've seen you progress over the past year. Thanks again.

Kevin Dill,
Para mi, SEO Panel es una herramienta invaluable y de gran uso, se las recomiendo enormemente.

Saul Bretado,
I like SEO panel its easy for use and helpful

""Nice SEO tool, Seo panel easy to use will help me a lot for update in seo Thanks a lot . "

Excellent, Simple & Easy to Use. Best SEO Tool.

SEO Panel helps us improving our website. The tools available are powerful. Good reporting and more features via plugins available. Very good support!

SEO Panel is a very good and steadily improving open source project. I love working with it. Report generation, back link tracking and other features are powerful available too. The support is very fast and good!

Seo panel very power full and easy to use. Thank to team.

Very clean interface, does what I want it to do. Runs well on a Raspberry Pi.

Matt Johnson,
Seo Panel is a fantastic open source project that help us to improve our website's ranking with excellent techniques.

Vaggelis Tsagklis,
The Greatest Free service i,ve ever faced and used. Auto Directory Submitter is so cool, keep it up man.

The Sximul,
I'm very sutisfy and happy for use SEO PANEL . But Im from Poland, and I need polish search enchine resaults.

Simply, this software is awesome. I am able to use it to keep my customers happy and their sites better ranked day after day. I love the fact that the script is totally open source. I am able to customize it as I want, and I already developed some additional features for my personal use and that my costumers need. Thanks again for your efforts guys.

Tina Douafia,
I like seo panel because it is easy and useful.

Good job, great support ;)

I like SEO panel its easy for use and helpful

Branislav ,
Good Seo Tool! In SEO is always recommendable to have help from as many good tools as possible. Especially for the numerous analysis that we have to make.

Cecilia Prodan,
Nice tool get the results fast in seo process.

Seo Panel is great software - I am happy that I discovered it!!! One can do as many things as in Seo Profiler!!! And the support is great - even I have no idea about PHP or databases, I was able to install it by myself and also to instal ad ons! Thank you Geo!

Really Great Tool for SEO. Please use it Every One

This is a fantastic SEO tool for anyone wanting to monitor and improve the search engine performance of their website.

Nathan Whitaker,
These guys have been providing me full SEO support for the past 8 months and they have do a really impressive job.

Joe Symth,
It is a wonderfull software

Ahmet Solmaz,
Good job guys... simplicity always wins. I'm sure SEO Panel will be useful to many people out there. Keep the good work up!

Fabian Linge,
Most easy affordable and i guess one of the best seo solutions i have ever used. I guess there will be no more browsing in search of seo after using this product. Must try

Gaurav Kochhar,
Great, easy and free!

Dimitrios Karolidis,
Really Great Tool for SEO. Please use it Every One

I have been using seo panel for managing my all SEO efforts and it is a very great tool for managing full SEO campaign. I have already started promoting in my circles

Virdhara International ,
Seo Panel is the most commonly used tool for SEO that I use to monitor my campaigns quickly and to be in constant contact with my sites. I recommend it!

Alin Velciu,
I'm starting to integrate and use this tool into my system. Works great!

Jona Tech,
This is great. I found very interesting thinks in here. I will share it forward. Thanks for the information!

I've been using the SEO Panel for a while and I would recommend it. Give it a whirl!!

This SEO Panel is great, very easy and free :-) there is no alternative right now...

Roland Strodthoff,
It is useful tool. Thank You

We are testing SEOPanel and I must say that we are very impressed by the power of this platform. It is as good as paid solutions (need some tweaking of course)and I'm sure it can be one of the best SEO management systems out there. If you consider that you get it all for FREE it makes it the best deal out there. Still, it needs a lot of work but potential is great. If you can give those guys some donation so they can continue to work on this project... Thanks SEO Panel Team!

Jedrzej Karpinski,
Could you ask for more?! What a great open source product! Excellent job guys!

Kameron Willias,
These guys are amazing!

SEO Panel is the best tools for SEO, I am using it form first release,

Basanta Acharya,
You know when people say seo tools you can't live without!? Well, SEOpanel is that tool for me!

Satrap Darabi,
"I've only just come across SEO Panel but I love the simplicity and easy of use. Surely this will find a place in our workflow."

Web Development Company in USA,
It is useful tool for SEO. Thank You

Amy Elizabeth,
Not among the prettiest and most user friendly seo tools, but it′s capabilities are up there among the best paid services such as moz, Raven Tools and Weekly SEO Report.

Michael T. Hopkins,
no website
O Seo Panel é muito mais do que um aplicativo para monitor os resultados, ele é uma forma real e verdadeira de Fazer SEO, e provar a todos que o seu trabalho está fazendo efeito..

André Marx,
I find that SEO Panel is one handy tool! It's a must have for any serious SEO professional or for anyone who wants to get an in depth analysis of their site SEO performance.

Steve Wydro,
I have 3 websites in total, so I can not use CuteRank for free. I have installed Seo Panel in my localhost and buy Local Search Engine Plugin to check the position of my keywords in Vietnam. Then, I explore more functions in SP, this is the only one great tool with no fee.

Sao Sang Mo,
I've only just come across SEO Panel but I love the simplicity and easy of use. Surely this will find a place in our workflow.

Bob Jones,
I paid a monthly fee to an online service that did what seopanel did for free. Installing it was easy, using it was easy and saving money was easy.

Hisham Shamakh,
Amazingly easy to use, accurate and most of all FREE. A good example of what open source is and should be. Seo Panel should be installed for every web master out there that wants more traffic.

Ehab Heikal,
Great piece of software!

John Ogden,
SEO Panel makes it much easier to get things done efficiently. They know their stuff, and are responsive to the changing landscape of internet marketing, and especially the sometimes confusing world of search optimization.

Without SEO is the web can no longer live. I'm happy to have found SEO PANEL. All the best for your further development and look forward to further cooperation. Remains Peter Richard Pinkel - IIDL Information & Internet Dienstleister (Service Providers), from Vienna Austria

Peter Richard Pinkel,
Thank you! Superscript, I put very much like a. Keep it up!

Dominik Czachowski,
After using other hosted tools that cost hundreds per month, I stumbled across SEO Panel while browsing the Softaculous website. I will say that this is a fantastic tool and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to pay closer attention to their SEO efforts. Add superior support from Geo and his team on top of that and what you have is a priceless piece of open source history. Great job!

Robert Rupp,
Great Tool, great support, affordable addons. Great Stuff. + It's free!

Very good...!!! But no password recovery function. I think it's essential for this project. Thank's

Tho Tran,
Thanks for developing this tool. We (as a small firm) were looking for an open source tool which we can alter ourselves. We use it daily now!

Gert-Jan Verkerk,
Seo Panel is very supportive and effective to use.

B2B Portal ,
SEO Panel is like your command center for all your SEO work. No longer do I have to keep lots of different spread sheets just so I can keep track of my SEO work. If you do any kind of SEO, SEO Panel is a must.

Seo panel has come to be my number one seo for my web site very much thank you to all the seo panel team Max.

This is a perfect service for my needs. All worked very well!

Brett Brands Imaging,
Very useful and easy to use solution, good for all my websites and for monitoring bad rankings.

Simply the best SEO tools on the web.. even better that highly cost software

Jonathan Laquerre,
Social bookmarks is a very effective plugin

Armasescu Cosmin,
had to donate once more. I use this program for all my sites.

Bryon Stout,
I found in seopanel a very useful and friendly tool.Thank's for help seo panel.

Martinas Cosmin,
Ive tried a lot of software and paid for a lot of services. Once I found SEOPanel that all stopped. Im able to do all my own seo campaigns and the plugins are well worth the extra money. THank you guys!

Bryon Stout,
Great seo tool! Just love it!

direct mail atlanta,
Simple, clean, efficient product. And free. Thanks SeoPanel, I have spent so much time looking for a solution like yours !

Nice dude.. i felt like its very user friendly to the users. thanks.

Domestic Electricians ,
Has purchased Directory Importer($30), Very Fast & Good service,Very Power tools. Thanks Seo panel.

vicke tee,
I love SEO Panel for its power and ease. I have been using it for my seo projects and that all for free

I really like seo panel using and liking.

Adem Altan,
The seopanel makes our seo work alot better and organized. With a few extra plugins we have now the perfect tool for our seo work, and reporting for our clients. In addition to a great software, we recived great support! Thanks for finally a great seo tool on the open source world! This is a no brainer for people working with SEO!

Thomas Treffen,
I think Seopanel worth about 300 - 400$, but Geo Varghese provide for people free. Wonderful!

Nguyen The Huy,
A great effort well done guys (and gals!).

Roger Grant,
Seo panel is a very interesting seo project. We are used to use it for our project ! The team is always available when we need ! Keep going in this way !

Hello, I am using this amazing software to check general SEO data of my sites/blogs, and also to check my competitors as well. To me it is a very usefull, and with the help of some plugins make building a seo campaign more easy.

Clovis Sena,
Very Good SEO Tool Dude. Happy

Decking Northern Beaches,
Nice product ! works well local search engines plugin should be free

jerome geek,
I found this tool via Google and didn't know there are open source SEO tools like that. It does exactly what I need and I recomend it to all site owners.

SEOPanel helps us every day for monitoring our ranking scenario in fast and easy way! Thank you for this wonderful tool for free!

Awesome set of tools.

John Anderson,
I searched and searched for a program to manage my SEO projects and finally found one AND it was free! I actually paid for all the plug-ins, well worth it.

Shawn Raloff,
Best SEO Tool.Must have

Students driving school,
Of SEO Panel I like the automated scheduling very much, as all the other functions. I embrace OpenSource, this will help me and my customers to get more visibility. No hesitation at all to donate.

Germen Kroon,
Nice SEO tool, this website will help me a lot for knowing new SEO updates.

seopanel is a great tool for all website owners.It helps alot to imrove website search engine optimization.

I have been searching for good SEO services but most of them are quite expensive. With SEO Panel now I can do it with almost no cost. Thank you SEO Panel.

Seo panel is verry good tool seo thank

vo viet trieu,
Best SEO Software for Every One.

All time best software for seo

Weight loss,
Local search engine package has been very useful. Without it, the information about rankings in a specific country is quite useless, especially if it is not English speaking one.

Juho Simonen,
great, recommend to all

seo panel tools are tooo good

24 hour roadside assistance,
Best SEO Tool as i suggested to my SEO Team.Thanks

Best rug cleaners in Sydney ,
Very GOOD Tools. Very Helpful SEO Solution. Thank you

Roller Blinds Melbourne,
Very useful and free tool for having more knowledge about popular keywords... it really helped my for best indexing and ranking of webpages

Salvatore Capolupo,
We have been using SEO Panel for some time now, as part of our SEO process. We do appreciate the new plug-ins now available.

Brendan Stead,
Must have!

Gian Marco Tedaldi,
It is useful tool for SEO. Thank You

Best program and best help.

Francesco Mognetti,
I know about this tool from my friend, a specialist in SEO. After trying, know you can become a competitor of SEOMOZ, Raven and any other web-based SEO Tool, in the future, ofcouse.

Dau Dua Shop,
I hope that plugin blog commentor is a very useful tool to improve the popularity of a website, many thanks to Geo and his availability to solve a problem during installation

It is useful and works fine!

Top initiative in open source SEO, a category I believe that doesn't exist or quite unusual. My suggestions : 1. Add an instructional wizard routine, specially for newbies. 2. Add automatic site submission. I imported your 5000 directory database, there's no way you can go through all of them sub-automatically.This leads me to inquire, what does the cron routine actually does ? Does it submit to directories automatically ? 3. When adding a new website, scanning metatag data from site gives an error, data had to be introduced manually. 4. More internationalization should be present in both free and paid directory databases. Most of directories only accept English language sites, a larger proportion of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Russian directories should be present. 5. A little more color in panels, looks somewhat cold. Keep the good work !! Gus Collot

Gus Collot,
Very Useful tool Kit. Thank You

Adoro Multimedia,
An excellent tool for amateurs and professionals in SEO. Thanks a lot for great work

Dimitrios Papadopoulos,
An excellent tool, especially with the Link Diagnosis plugin installed. The plugin costs $25, but that is the equivalent of only a week's subscription to a well known online service that provides similar results. What a bargain! Keep up the good work.

Gareth Williams,
SEO Panel, is a wonderful piece of software. The installation was a breeze. The interface is very intuitive. I was also thrilled with the out of the box ease, in which I was able to run simple projects. The plugins are really a great addition. The developers did a excellent JOB, in putting this all together. Thank You, Paul

Paul Reis,
Canadian International School suggest this one as the best tools for seo...

Canadian International School,
I am a freelance programmer with more than 10 years of experience. I've worked for very notorious companies all over the world and I recommend SEOPanel as the most efficient open source SEO application worldwide.

Jordi Morillo Sells,
Very GOOD Tools. Very Helpful SEO Solution. Thank you.

Seo Black Inside,
A great plugin that makes all the money and more!

Good One.Very Helpful SEO Tool Thank you.Keep it up.

Designer Curtains Sydney,
realy I like SEO PANEL V.3.2.0,Thanks my MASTER.

We have been searching for a comprehensive and reliable, open-souce SEO project manager for a while now, and "accidently" came across SEOPanel. This tool almost offers all the must-have features needed to manage a successful SEO project. With a few additional and essential features, I am sure that SEOPanel will be the best SEO tool on the market, beating most of the well-known paid services that are offered today. Thank you, SEOPanel Team - we will spread the word!

John van Rooyen (Owner/Manager - JMGrafixx, South Africa),
Muy útil, herramientas seo como estas facilitan mucho el trabajo y nos dan una información valiosísima a la hora de medir nuestras webs. Muchas gracias por ponerlo al alcance de todos.

We work only with open source software. SEO Panel is a great expansions of our software! Although a few additional features would give a lot of extra functionality, this is a great tool which promises to become one of the major SEO tools!

Brijn Webproducts,
Nice SEO tool for website, thanks for this.

What a great tool. There is software out there with less functionality that costs $500.00 This is truly the best deal in SEO.

Nick Mastro,
The SEO PANEL is very good solution for follow keywords positions. I recommand this software for campanies. Thanks SEO PANEL !!!!

Referencement Du Pro,
I've seen my conversions increase by 207% since I started using SEO Panel 3 months ago. This is a must have for anyone on a short budget!

The best web hosted rank checker I had to try since 5 years !

really awesome tool, I impressed a lot

Really Great Piece of Software. Keep on develop SEO PANEL under Open Source. Thumbs up !

ISD - Markus Weber-Frede,
Great tool. Will bring great success to many small businesses and web managers worldwide.

Jamaal Branch,
I have used software before great software want to offer free version for clients and full version to

Jitendra Dadhaniya,
SEO Panel has saved us countless hours, and is one of the only true pieces of free SEO software that we use. Keep up the great work SEO Panel!

Aaron Weller,
Seo panel est un execellent outil d'optimisation.Fiable et facile a utiliser mais surtout hyper efficace

Simon Nken,
This is Awesome software for all SEO professionals. Thank you very much for this great product.

A very nice tool! Open Source and Free. What else?

I find SEO panel to be the best all in one seo program script around. Have have a couple and this tops them all.

SEO Panel is outstanding! and the plugins are great.

All diejenigen, die keine professionelle SEO-Agentur mit der überwachung der eigenen tWebseiten betrauen m?chten oder k?nnen, ist das SeoPanel sicherlich ein gute Alternative.

Nice platform, easy to customize and make our own. Easy to add plugins and the support is good. We were able to take the core system and implement some proprietary elements and now provide a very powerful tool to our clients.

Ad Agency,
Great software and great support, all your SEO needs can be found on SEOPANEL. Thanks for creating and sharing the project! Donation is nothing compared to the software value! - Scuba Diving Destinations Maps and Reviews,
I have to say I am truly impressed so far. haven't used all the plugins available but the possibilities are really something, great stuff guys!

Zarko Zivkovic,
Thank you for this great product. Now I can manage all my SEO task in one place. Anytime, anywhere.

We Do eCom,
Great tool! makes things much easier. more projects needed

Very useful tool for SEO operation. Saving a lot of man power to monitor website rank in SERP. Great link diagnosis plugin to verified good link to make backlink. blog commentor and directory semi-submission plugin also saving a lot of time to promote website. Seo Panel is the best web-base tool to any guys who want to improve your website. best recommendation to you all guys.

Justin Yang,
A great free tools rather easy to setup and understand. We use for internal testing as well as a recommendation for would-be SEO artists ! ;-)

Agence Web Rennes,
Seo Panel is very well written and very easy to understand, i will surely recommend it to all my seo freinds! Geo is great excellent service. Thanks

SEO Services Johanneesburg,
thanks again to Geo Varghese, very helpful !

a good project .I want more plugins .

a very unique tools that helps you save a lot of time in SEO matter

Graha Mayantara,
Hello. I would like to say a word about seopanel. It’s an average to good seo program, but it has a slight advantage from other seo programs: It’s free!!! And I can tell you that it can compete side by side with the big guys… Try it and see for yourself. Thanks Geo for this wonderful program. Regards, Miguel

Miguel Pereira,
Awesome service provided over the years.

I have been doing organic SEO since 1997 and I must say that SEO Panel is fantastic, very lightweight and fast and effective. This tool can be at the center of many SEO campaigns. I love that it is extensible via the plugins, I think this is the future of SEO Campaign Management, thanks for a great tool!

SEO Los Angeles,
I've been using Seo Panel for a while to track how effective at improving my client's search rankings and it is a great tool, packed with loads of features. Recently we wrote a plugin and was impressed with the ease of plugin authoring.

I am very much happy to say that i have successfully installed in my server. I request you to provide for 1 month trail on all plugins available on seopanel site, so that at first i can test and then i will buy those plugins. Also i can recommend my personal clients to use this tool for their projects. Overall i have very good experience with the tool. Thumbs up for all your effort.

raghuveera sampath,
This is a very helpful software, thank you!

I am really loving SEO Panel. It has become my number 1 tool for SEO. I bought the Local Search engine package a few weeks ago and it has been going great. I've just bought the Link Diagnosis plugin as well.

Stephen Forde(Managing Director),
A friend turned me onto this site. One of the best open source projects out there. It has helped me out a lot

Troy Glancy,
This is the great tool on SEO keep up the good work

Das beste SEO Tool auf dem Markt! Andere Software kostet teilw. mehrere Hundert Euro. Mehr kann diese dann deswegen auch nicht. Das SEOPanel ist eine Vollwertige Anwendung! Falls Sie eine fachgerechte Optimierung Ihrer Seite wünschen? Ich helfe Ihnen gerne! Ich biete Schulungen in München rund ums SEO Panel an! Besuchen Sie meine Online Visitenkarte! Freundliche Grü?e aus München S. Miehling SEO Account Manager / / / bing (0049-(0)89-61512990

Sandy Miehling,
Seopanel is fantastic software for my job. Excellent idea.

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SEO panel is from far one of the best SEO tools you can find with an open source and free no one can beat this team of yours Two thumbs up for me. Ghislain

I just found SEO panel in cpanel over the weekend. I'm very impressed, very happy with it and very thankful for your hard work. I have a small business and I've used a few different SEO tools like WordTracker's paid tools but they're way too expensive for me to put in my budget. I kept saying "I wish there was a free tool to let me track my performance in natural search and link building" and by luck I found SEO Panel.

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SEO Panel is an excellent product, and I am happy to endorse it.

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Super, great job, ?a marche vraiment bien, vivement la nouvelle mise à jour du script. Beau trvail... Good job !

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Hey guys great job! I can't wait till you guys get the minor issues and functionality worked out. This product is well on it's way of being a first class open source platform. When is the next version coming out? We are eagerly waiting for the next set of improvements. Keep up the good work and launch that next version! It will set SEO Panel over the top. Thanks again, Ron Smart #1 Google "Los Angeles SEO Company" Look for

I am excited with the possibilities SEO Panel presents. Once I refine my keywords, etc I will be able to build a dataset of my SEO ranking and most importantly test and measure the impact of changes. Thanks

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SEOPanel helped me a lot for optimizing this website, specially for monitoring keywords positions in Google, Bing and Yahoo! Absolutely and unique free tool!

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Single best tool to determine your site SEO performance, good analytic. With this help I was easily able to determine my ranking on for grants for single mothers like phrases. Good Work Geo!

Fantastic tool that I've been using for about 7 months now. Can't believe something like this is free and open-source!! Get it now!! I had been using tools from iwebtools for an year.A friend suggested me about Seo Panel.I was blown off by the tools available in Seo Panel.What more to say its open source and free,so get your own Seo Panel Now

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Most favored open source SEO script with lots of free resources. I have never found Free and Open Source script like SEO Panel. The developer is also very good to help you in forum.

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excellent stuff! Checking it out now, curious about the 'backlinks' part as Yahoo Site Explorer is down now Cheers Veit

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Truly the greatest free open source search engine optimization tools available! I can't believe you didn't keep them all for yourself. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

I have been planning to get someone to build something like this for 6 months and here it is! Light weight clean and smooth with a FREE Dirctory submmiter to some top quality website. Thank you all and I hope to see more great additions soon.

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No dubt, SEOPanel is the Killer App for the SEO! It is very simple to understand and use, and can give important results in a few time. It is helping me a lot at building some historical ranking data about my websites, and I run it every day!

I think that SEOPanel is a wonderful and user-friendly tool for easy monitoring of multiple websites! Since I use it, I can have a good idea of what is happening on the main search engines for my web content. There's no other tool like this! The open source code is also very simple to understand: great work !

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SEO Panel is a great tool. Not only is it free and open source, but it is actually the best tool I have ever used to manage my SEO projects. Full featured and easy to set up. I swear by SEO Panel and I would be totally lost with out it.

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SEO Panel is a great set of optimization tools and is definitely one of the most recommended tools in our SEO tool chest. We love it so much we are offering it to all of our clients! We look forward to future plugins and enhancements! Great job, Thank you!

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SEO Panel is everything it is claimed to be, and more. I have been planning to get someone to build something like this for 6 months and here it is! Light weight clean and smooth with a FREE Dirctory submmiter to some top quality website. Thank you all and I hope to see more great additions soon.

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you make the world more comfortable, thank you!

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I have used many SEO software tools previously and after viewing the demo I am impressed. The interface is basic but clear and doesn't feature annoying unnecessary animation.

I am really happy with this Tool.I suggested my friends too.Thank you very much...

Helped Me a lot.Thanks for Awesome Software.It help to keep track of my site.Once Again thank you.

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SEOPanel is very easy,100% legal and amazingly adapt for SEO needs. Its a must for every website owner out there who wants better search engine ranking. With so many features,I couldn't believe that its completely free.

Just downloaded and installed SEOPanel and on the same day I have donated to receive the 5,000 directories and the local Google results plug-in's. I don't normally trust new scripts so quickly but SEOPanel is outstanding and it's immediately obvious that it's a real winner! I'll be watching my brand new site rankings now as I currently have no backlinks and no Google Rank with it being so new. I am confident that in a coupls of months SEOPanel will help my site success without any doubts. Try SEOPanel and you'll see how useful it is for yourself!

This is a great tool, runs on my server and my clients love the seo tactics that I use on their sites. Great tool for any SEO consultant to have. Thanks, Hank

Five stars. The custom reports are brilliant.

An extremely robust set of SEO tools that covers just about every aspect of search engine optimization. It's pretty awesome to have access to these tools and their source code for free, especially with such great support!

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L'award de Seo PAnel est mérité. Nos félicitations pour ce travail qui répond à un réel besoin pour le référencement des sites. Nous ne manquerons pas d'ouvrit une version fran?aise sur nos serveurs pour aider nos clients à améliorer leur visibilité sur le réseau.

Guy Himmelsbach,
Being a Linux user and someone who tries to take SEO responsibly, it was so refreshing to discover SEO Panel. A long search is finally over. Thank you for fulfilling my needs 100%. It can only get better!

SEO panel this is so simple yet so must have. Just made my life wonderful.

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Really one of the most promising OpenSource Software Projects in 2011. Seo Panel is easy setup, easy-to-use seo software for everyone. Seo Panel will definitely help building quality-websites.

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SEO Panel is a useful free open source SEO tool. We use it for French SEO ranking reports for our SEO company clients.

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Slowly replacing out paid tools and reducing costs for our clients. Looking forward to building some plugins. Work has already begun on something pretty cool!

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It's amazing that this is free. It's easily up there with some very expensive monthly packages and the support is great too.

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I don't think word could describe how easy it is. All i could say is, awesome!

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We're now ranking on the first page 48 hours after setting up SEO Panel. We've done no other SEO, so it's looking good!

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wow, i was refereed to this by my friend and I'm amazed by the services it provide. I think you shouldn't need any paid tool after using this and best of all Open Source.

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Ideal tool to make statistical reports from my real estate site on tourism. thank you

Seo Panel is a great tool. Just what I needed. Clean php code, easy for modification. It took me 5 minutes to add support and split queries into many separate cron jobs. This tool saved me a lot of coding time and a lot of money. Well done!!!

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The best around, and it's free too! Awesome.

I would just like to say the script rocks and have installed it all but five mins ago and have been playing about with it every since. The whole user friendly interface is great and the features are what I have needed for a while now to keep tabs on my sites and I did think I was going to run into headache installing it but all went great not 1 single problem and the directory submission built into it is a big plus and would love to see more of that features as you have covered everything else and with a cron working on the script updates happen while I am not even working on it and I wanna say keep up the great work and will donate some more very soon, thanks Albert F A Matthews

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Search engine optimization Panel - In short, Awesome! Two words, TOTALLY AWESOME!! Why pay $200, $500, as well as $1,000 (USD) for so known as high-finish Search engine optimization software when you are able do most everything free of charge with Search engine optimization Panel from world wide Search engine optimization Panel is quick, easy, and most importantly accurate.

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What a fabulous tool! As a previous customer of some of the commercial SEO tools, I really appreciate the functions, ease of use, and results of SEO Panel. It was easy to install, and being a web-based application, I can run it from anywhere. Download it, try it, and find out for yourself.

Valerie Cudnik, CDG Marketing & Web Design,
Amazing! Best open source option around. This is essential for our site.

Sam ,
The panel is great, I use it every day! Glad to see you do more and more work on it also. Thank you..

Viele wichtige SEO Werkzeuge zusammengefasst in einem Tool. Dazu noch Open Source. Besser geht's fast nicht! ;-)

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This is a great script for a newbie web developer like me to get my websites founded by Search Engines. I would like to recommend this to you all webmasters to use this SEO Tools script. Thank you so much to this script's developer, You're so kind to give it for free to us.

Fundamental tool for every webmaster. And it's free!

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SEO Panel - In a word, Awesome! Two words, TOTALLY AWESOME!! Why pay $200, $500, or even $1,000 (USD) for so called high-end SEO software when you can do most everything for FREE with SEO Panel from SEO Panel is quick, easy, and more importantly accurate. You can install SEO Panel in less than five minutes, and begin collecting valuable SEO data semi-automatically within seconds. Did I mention that SEO Panel is FREE? As a professional SEO, I highly recommend SEO Panel, and don't forget to submit your small donations to SEO Panel to support future development. Why wait? Get your free copy of SEO Panel TODAY! Ron aka LANWANMAN, Ocala, Florida USA HTTP://

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Quite simply, this software is the best. I am able to use this software to keep my customers informed on their sites performance. I love the fact that the script is totally editable. I am able to create the look I need to give my business a professional look as well as a ideal platform to monitor my customers site. I love this software.

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Muy buena herramienta online, gracias por el excelente aporte, esperamos la v3.0 gracias.

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It's amazing that this is free. It's easily up there with some very expensive monthly packages and the support is great too.

Seopanel estoy contentento por me da muy bueno resultado para posicionar mis paginas web y tener estadísticas muy importante sobre palabras posicionadas. les aconsejo seopanel.

Thus far it's been an excellent start in getting me well informed in the entire SEO field. Making it much easier for me to understand, and comply with SEO standards. I literally learned what SEO was a week ago, now I feel like I'm an expert.

Ramy Asha,
thanks very good seo tool seopanel

SEO Panel is a great tool for analyzing sites ranking. I hope that a lot of features are added in the near future. Congrats to the developers....

Rod Alegre,
Had been using the Firefox plugin to track rankings, but I had to run it manually and export results to track rankings over time. With Seo Panel, I've set up sites and keywords and it automatically checks the search engines daily so I can view up-to-date rankings anytime and see changes over time. Excellent stuff, and open-source too :)

Neil Parry,
Thank you so much for the great open-source toolkit. We love the fact that it is actively developed and allows us to have an in-house SEO control panel for our clients to monitor their SEO progress. Keep up the great work.

Chris Brown,
Have seen movement on my website since implementing seo panel on my website.Hope to see more now that im adding plugins to the software.

Carlos Cortez,
Just downloaded and I am trying to get the hang of it. Looks like a very promising tool.

That?s raelly shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

Most useful script I've found for SEO till now. Will study code, hope can add some functions to it. Keep you posted.

Hi, Thanks for this SEO tool. Its really work & helpful for all SEO's.

John Aldous,
I really like Seo Panel, it makes web site submission to online directories much easier.

Fantastic stuff! It's worth setting up for the rank tracking tool alone, but everything else is great too.

Sam Wright,
Thanks. My webmaster recommended, chose, and installed SeoPanel. It looks powerful and I am happy to support it with a donation.

Christopher Avery ,
Great tool for monitoring and reporting the ranking of websites. Many thanks for this free tool!

Silvan Yalcin,
Excellent tool, keep up the good work! Thank You!

Really great work guys. I was really excited when I saw an open-source program like this. I wish there was more like it. I'm loving it, and looking forward to seeing new plugins developed as well!

Tom Pentwhistle,
Great idea, great project and great results ! Thanks for your outstanding work !

Walter Brun,
The guys at SEO Panel have done an amazing job bringing an SEO service that many experts have been talking about for years. Not only that but they do it while providing an open source solution. For a small donation of 10$ their SEO ranking service will allow you to have functionalities that other companies charge over 500$ a month for!!! Their support is very impressive considering that they base their operations solely on donations. Any question or problem I've had has been taken care of within 24 hours. I hope that their professional services and attitude will continue to be available to the wide public and hope that others donate to their project as well. Thanks Guys!!!

Michael Mimouni,
Even though i wrote lot of quality information in my site, I had very few visitors and I felt like I was not good enough. Just I came across SEO panel and tried it - the result was instant and now I am getting regular visits as I got ranking in google. I really thank people behind this software. Today I donated $30 for downloading plug in which I hope will further push my site Up. For people like me not knowing much about SEO, this software is very helpful. Thank you SEO Panel. Vasthurengan Vastu Consultant.

many thanks for this new plugin

Hace varios meses que nuestra compa?ia usa Seo Panel y aseguramos que es una de las mejores herramientas libres para el seguimiento de SEO.

Before I found SEO Panel I have tested several SEO Tools but no tool was as good as SEO Panel. It's also so easy to install on the webserver.. So i could draw the conclusion that SEO Panel improve my needs really. ToM

Our company is using seopanel for a month now. Daily 50 users analyze SEO results of 120 websites on one instance of seopanel. The system acts stable. Hope the development will continue!

Pegas Inc.,
Words cannot express how excited I am about this project. SEO Panel has been extremely easy to set-up and use and it is obvious the developers behind this project really have their act together. I stopped using an expensive SEO software that I bought some time ago and am using SEO Panel exclusively. I'll continue to support this project and will definitely pass the word around to my colleagues. Great work, guys!

Reggie Byrum - NC Web Pros,
Helped me a lot and lacks add the site to the directories automatically .

Osamah Mohammed,
What a awesome tool ! very usefull and save a lot of time in my work !

Moyal Charles,
A very well structured SEO package, easy to install and use. If you don't know what SEO is about then you should not be reading this. If you know what SEO is about then you should download, install and use the SEO Panel. Give the guys a donation because it is the right thing to do.

Willie Smith,
I smacked my head when i typed in open source SEO and found this... im building my own plugins now

Carter Cole,
Satu-satunya dan pertama didunia perangkat kerja lengkap buat praktisi SEO berbasis open source. Sangat cocok digunakan bagi para konsultan online marketing untuk memungkinkan pelaporan ke klien. Terima kasih buat tim developer Seo Panel.

What an excellent piece of software just what I have been looking for a long while, it's self hosted and best of all free this could be one of the worlds most popular SEO tools if the word gets around, fantastic, keep up the good work

Lee Stables,
SEO Panel is a must-have tool for anyone involved with websites and SEO. There are more advanced tools out there, sure, but this free and open source tool will give you insightful data about your site at a fraction of their cost (ONLY if you choose to get all the optional plugins). Plain and simple: if you have a website, you should use SEO Panel

Amazing tool with a lot of SEO information easy to handle

Alex Rubio,
Dear Sir i am new the seo blogging..,yesterdayi download ur tool its very help me a lot..better seo tool thank you..,

One of the best SEO scripts i have ever used, best support team and totally free script. Thanks and more power to SEO Panel Team

How To Make Money Online,
This is a great tool and I use it frequently to keep up with all of the websites that my company designs. It also helps me keep up with how each website is performing in multiple search engines "all in one location". Doesn't get much better than that. Also, this tool is great for starting designers, so they know what needs to be included in a site, its effects, and how to implement it.

Thank you so much, this is one of the best programs that i never used to control the quality of my websites. A lot of knowledge is included in this tool. Its a pleasure support this kind of projects. Spain(Catalonia)

Alex Rubio,
It's fantastic to have in just only one screen all the information SEO of my clients. It's one of the best script that exist in Internet and it count with all my human support and financier, to help in his development. Great tool, Geo... Thank you

Daniel Varela,
What a state of the art for a piece of software. Must have for any webmaster or SEO professional. With the extended plug-ins and features it just gets more powerful.I see the developer adding more features and making it so abundant in functionality, could make your head spin.

Software Market,
Really Awesome.....Superbb..tool. Its very simple and easy with powerful featers that other wouldnt have. Truly one of the best tool in this category.

Denish Davis,
A powerful tool with a nice easy to use interface. Definitely worth a look :-) Keep up the good work!

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Seo Panel is a super fast seo analysis tool. It gives you the complete picture of your site within seconds. Thanks to seo panel team

Shakhawat Hossain,
seo Panel super thank you :)))

Thank you Seo Panel for such a great free script. I was able to upload it and begin using its great features within minutes. With no strings attached, this is surely to be the number one download for SEO Scripts on the web.

Lifetime Upgrades,
SEO Panel est vraiment un outil formidable, qui vous permettra, à très peu de frais, ou sans frais, d'obtenir de très bons résultats en matière de SEO. N'hésitez pas à jeter un oeil à ce que SEO Panel peut faire pour vous! C'est un service complémentaire qu'il nous fait grand plaisir de pouvoir offrir à nos clients! Merci SEO Panel pour ce formidable outil! :o)

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Just like cornflakes, does EXACTLY what it says on the box!

Before installing SEO Panel my domain ranked 2.7 Million on Alexa. After a few days it began dropping 10,000 places per day. After making a small donation of $10 I received my 1000 directory listings. In a few short weeks my site had an Alexa ranking around 900,000 in September 2010. It continues to improve daily and dropped below 500,000 in December. Amazing results.

Dennis O'Brien,
Seopanel unique script. Work on it very simple! Thanks to the developers. My clients are also very pleased with the work.

The Seo panel is the best of the tools i try... best tracking of your work... i try a lot of paid tools software and finally the most efficient is the free one! This one!

Jonathan Laquerre,
Finally there is a open sourced solution that fit all my SEO needs. Look no further for SEO tools. What a time saver !!! It ROCKs!

I had to pause today and drop you a line to say, "Job Well Done". Your SEO Tools script is one of the most well-written, most useful open source projects I have ever used. Thank you for your efforts, I look forward to working with your script for many versions to come. Daniel.

Freelance Developer,
Ich habe nun ein wenig "gearbeitet" (es ist wirklich keine mehr :) ) und bin total begeistert. Endlich sehe ich meine Projekte in einer aussagef?higen übersicht. Gut das ich nicht angefangen ?hnliches selber zu proggen. Voller überzeugung kann ich dieses Tool empfehlen. Hier ist SEO endlich mal OpenSource. Klar nicht alles ist feritig, oder gar 110% erledigt. Aber es ist mehr als vielversprechend.

Detlev Lengsfeld,
Seo Panel is a great tool. Just what I needed. Clean php code, easy for modification. It took me 5 minutes to add support and split queries into many separate cron jobs. This tool saved me a lot of coding time and a lot of money. Well done!!!

My company serves many clients and it was difficult to track results and performance of each website. We had to use different SEO tools and platforms to generate reports and then prepare them separately in order to present them to the client. Since we found SEO Panel, our work is optimized to the max. SEO Panel is a wonderful platform, offering many SEO tools. And the best part is that if there is any need for features expansion, that can be done quickly and easily through the development of plugin. Great open source tool!

Dimitar Kukov (CEO),
Great tool ... I thing so many people′s have searched for a tool like this. The support is the best I′ve ever seen. I have spent ours,days and weeks for filllout the search-engines formulars,but now it makes it so easy. For all who are working for this project ... "You make a great job. Go ahead" regards Willi ...

Wilhelm Webels,
This seo panel is awesome. I have installed this panel to my website. Because of this seo panel I got lots of traffic on my website. Also I am getting good reviews from my user in feedback. Keep it up. Good work.

As a hosting provider I received more and more questions about SEO on client website. Till now I used some free tools to get the work done. But after some searching I found SEO Panel. This tool makes my life much easier. Lot of options combined (also monitoring!!) and great support.

Jerry van Kranenburg,
This is a very useful script. It makes it easy to keep track of the keywords associated with my websites!

George Adams,
Great tool for monitoring and tracking all of your keywords, Backlinks and so much more.

Andrew Yardley,
Very helpful script. Worth a try, its free! I really appreciate the directory submission tool.

Jose Amos,
This is the best script for seo monitoring! It's very easy and fast. Greate job!

Rafal Kowalsky,
Thanks for creating SEO Panel. It's very useful and helpful to keep track of my SEO clients!

Alan Cheung,
J' utilise SEO PANNEL depuis quelques mois et je dois dire que l' outil est impressionant. Toutes les fonctionnalités sont presentes et je ne peut plus m en pqsser. Je recommande l' usage de cet outil tres utile pour tout referenceur positionneur.

Youcef TOUIL,
This tool is very easy to install and to use, would like to see more options in the next version. I am using it for my directory site with success. Thanks again.

Good tools, simple interface, stable so far, we like it. Waiting for new releases, this software can have a great future, thank you for sharing your work.

Hola a todos, les recomiendo este sistema a todos, a mi me rsulto barbaro. Salduos

Del castillo monica,
this site totally seo... great great and great ;)

healthy living,
Seopanel is a truly intuitive tool, possibly the most complete and easy to use. When I started in the web world, tested with various payment tools and today I am convinced that even paying is getting results, there are endless possibilities in the Open Source and seo panel is a great option.

Angel Terciado,
Sehr Professionell und total übersichtlich. Ich hoffe dass die Entwickler in Zukunft mehr Unterstützung bekommen damit die Software weiter wachsen kann.

Dimitrios Vassiliadis,
Great SEO tools. I was searching for a script like this for years. Thank you very much and keep the good work!

Bielecki Krzysztof,
I cam across SEO Panel purely by accident! WOW!! what a surprise it is fantastic, it is exactly what I was looking for to run from my server and also so my clients can log in and see their stats. I would be more than happy to pay a monthly subscription for this!!

Adam Berry,
Thanks for make such good piece of software. Just started using it 3 days ago and are very happy with it.

Patrick Wagner,
I have tested this software for my sites, until now it can almost handle all my needs. compared to other seo programs (paid) it's missing some features, I'll hope the community will soon grow so this can be solved.

Tom Arnst,
This software is a must for webmasters with SEO Panel you will know how your site is positioned in search results and by using the information provided you can improve that. Its easy with SEO panel to submit your site to free directories to improve your site back-links. Its easy to install and very easy to use...Thank u for SEO panel

Great seo tool, I haven't found similar tools for a long time. And now, I know I get it.

Zhu Jun,
Very useful software, works exactly as promised. Thank you very much and keep the good work!

Jason Mailley,
After trying seo panel source code, it's really a amazing open source for those people running some Internet marketing or SEO tasks. Actually, it's a software I always look for over Net, finally, I got this one matching my need.

Jess Wu,
Try and you won't regret. In many cases Seopanel is better than some non free products. However it needs more features. I hope developers will support Seopanel in the near future :)

Jack Cotton,
Thank tools you provide,and you give honest seopanel I used this for my final project at school, and I am gaining much knowledge from here, and it is very different from others because it is an open source so we could easy to examine the reliability of our sites, our servers make seopanel own.Thanks good luck always and leader in the development seo tools

i search a long time for a simply seo-script. now i found seopanel - greate script - thank you a lot!

Tobias HAustüre,
I was searching for a script like this for years. I am extremely happy on its performance. Wish your Team of Developers all success!

The greatest achievement of every website owner is having their website to be at the top position of search engine list. When our website is at the number one position, we can be sure that we have a greater chance to get more profit of it.

compared with the other SEO applications. SEO Panel script as the best assistant for every webmaster in developing their website. Just click this website to find out the most effective SEO plan for your website.

Arif Widiyanto,
Nice script. I like it very much. It helps me to manage all my sites and they are alot. I also increase my visitors and my pagerank. I am very pleased to work with it and I would like to see some improvements in the future.

I would like from you to make some improvements. At first make a button "next Category" on Semi Automatic Directory Submission Tool. explain: sometimes automatic selected directory is not the right/moust appropriate so by hitting the button "next Category" the script should choose next suggested catagory. And I would like to be able to add directories by my self. And that function should support multilanguage directories. Thanks again for the great script.

Nanko Nanev,
I want you to know I've been very impressed with the SEO Panel script. SEO Panel is user friendly Search Engine Optimizer script where not much intervention is required from the user during the download and installation stages as well as the actual sessions. The only intervention that is required of the user is to make sure that his system meets the minimum requirements. SEO script is very nice looking, very useful for SEO managers , webmasters. Javascript and PHP script works smoothly , I highly recommend this script to everyone , especially because it is totaly free of charge, SEO Panel is a very good choice.

I can say that i tried many submitters and SEO Panel can compare with many desktop Link Submitting applications , SEO panel is a powerful assistant for webmasters to set up ideal Search Engine Optimizer. Not only beginners and also Professionals will find all these tools quite useful. I really like that all tools are integrated into one powerful interface, so all the user has to do is to click on Submit button to easily add his link to thousands of sites simultaneously with an easy to use submission wizard. You can check there your ranking on all major search engines, and be able to compare it over time. Keyword Research Tools – A powerful tool to analyze keywords and phrases to select which ones will deliver the best reports. Thanks for this script .

Daniel Foltynek,
Finding great open source code is a rare. Finding open source seotools is even harder. As seo develops, and guru's come and go we hope they follow the pattern set forth by We have intergrated SeoPanel as a subdomain at our search engine.

R. Tirner(CEO),
J’ai testé pas mal d’applications pour le référencement. Jusqu'au jour ou je suis tombé sur SEO Panel. C’est la solution idéal , gratuite et efficace pour se faciliter les taches et optimiser le rendement de ces sites.

I had been using tools from iwebtools for an year.A friend suggested me about Seo Panel.I was blown off by the tools available in Seo Panel.What more to say its open source and free,so get your own Seo Panel Now.

Edward Mathews,
I think this SEO Panel is great. Very easy to install and customize. First SEO Panel iv seen great script!. Support is 100% if you need it.

I have searched and tested several SEO tools and found many have limitations. SEO Panel has a comprehensive SEO solution that not only helps in managing your SEO initiative but also monitoring it.

Jeff Beale,